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n 1979 our family bought in the town of Carmignano, Fuccioli II, an old abandoned property for decades, driven by passion and curiosity to give new life to this rural country house now forgotten, we have initiated large renovation work. During the rural exodus in the early 60's, families left the countryside to the cities with consequently the abandonment of these historic houses such as the XVI th Fuccioli II. At our first site visit, we were acquainted with Mr. Arrigo, a man anxious to preserve this house that had sheltered him and was now forced to leave. He was the son of the old peasant who had always remained in the old farm hand, who was now in ruins now. The owner was a wealthy woman from Pistoia who had inherited along with other buildings, this beautiful country house in the town of Carmignano. She was very fond of grip quickly Fuccioli II. She was still in Capo di Strada, in the municipality of Pistoia, but she was delighted to visit from time to time in the countryside to enjoy the scenery as dear to him. In 1978, after a tragic event that struck her, her husband decided to sell the property of Fuccioli II. For a long time we were looking for a home near Prato, on the heights of the hills. We visited many homes that we had not passed so much enthusiasm and curiosity that we felt with Fuccioli II. It was not a rational choice, we let our emotions and passion to make this choice. We lived then in town for so long that we lost the taste for nature, with its seasons, its colors and scents. We decided to begin work by the least damaged side, undertaking the renovation of the kitchen, living room and two bedrooms. Given the plethora of work to be done, the family decided to move to Fuccioli II. Rural residents of neighboring houses, wonderful people, rich values ​​we have learned to listen to nature, to cultivate and raise ....

It took us 12 years to complete the renovation work. Meanwhile, Barbara, our baby, was born. In 2002 we decided to undertake a new adventure: hosting guests from around the world to share with them our lives and our passion for this farm. It's been several years since we began this adventure. We are delighted to have met people from around the world and have  beautiful friendship. It's like every time we wanted to involve the soul of our guests and send them our love for Fuccioli II. We hope we have managed through this brief narrative to convey the excitement of our meeting with Fuccioli II. Always eager to awaken in you a curiosity that will one day meet us.

Luciano, Maria Teresa, la nonna Niva, Paolo e Barbara